Saturday 25 February 2012

6.LMS Ro-Railer - a brave experiment,

 In April 1932, the LMS trialled it's revolutionary Karrier Road and Railbus on the SMJ line.  It ran a good number of press specials and then entered a very short period of service taking passengers between Blisworth where it connected with Euston trains and Stratford upon Avon.  At Stratford upon Avon, it transferred onto it's road wheels within minutes and drove to the Welcombe Hotel without the passengers getting out of their seats.
The Karrier RoRailer attracts alot of attention as it stands at Stratford Upon Avon station having transferred from Road to Rail at the Cattle Dock.
Here is my model.  It is an older Keyser model with alot of detail added from photogaphs.

The signal is off because this is an express service.  Note the buffers which were never used.

It's 1932 and the Karrier Experimental Railbus heads back to Blisworth to connect with a mainline service to London.

You can see the ro-railer here:

You can find out more about this unique vehicle here.

or a very in depth article here:


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