Saturday 12 October 2013

Signal Box - a standard Design.

My thinner version of the Signal Box at Blakesley.   The door to the locking room was under the stairs.

The model features illunimation and a detailed interior but no signalman - why?.....well he'd exchanging the token with the engine crew down at the foot crossing.

The Station Buildings - A Standard East & West Junction Railway Design

The Station at Blakesley in the Goods Only period.
The view looking towards Stratford upon Avon.
The rear of the building - the public will not get to see this.  The hut operated the weighbridge mechanism.
The view down the station approach road with the 15 inch gauge crossing the road to access the coal siding.

Locomotives - any colour as long as it's black.

The SMJ was mostly a six-coupled line.  After the grouping ex-midland types dominated with Johnson 2F, 3F and the odd Fowler 4F too.  My stock reflects this.

My Johnson 2F pauses outside Blakesley's Signal Box with a passenger train.
 This is a 2F.  It is an old Ks kit that I obtained from EBay.  It had a very crude chassis with no motor so I fitted it with an old Airfix 4F motor and chassis that I had to hand.  It will be allocated to a passenger service and the headcode will reflect that once fitted.
My 4F heads back to Bedford via Towcester and the goods only line to Olney with an unfitted freight.
This is an Airfix 4F.  Tender drive, it is a noisy but strong runner.  It has been detailed and looks really good. It will be allocated to through freights and the headcode lamp will be mounted accordingly.